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Finding solutions for all of your systems integrations needs.
Get to the next level with help from our expert engineering staff.

On Site or In House

One of the only ELAU trainers in the US. Our staff can get you up to speed with the latest PacDrive products.

Service and Support
Fast Response

Our top notch service engineers can get your machinery up and running within 48 hours in most cases.

Spare Parts sale 
Best Prices

With a long time partnership with Schneider Electric, we are able to offer very competitive pricing.

Tech Support

If you are experiencing ELAU error codes our trained engineers can help you resolve any issues you may be having. One phone call can save you a lot of headaches.


If you have machinery with PMC-2 or MAx-4 servo controllers you need to consider upgrading. Our staff has the experience to make this transition as seamless as possible.

System Integration

Let us take your concept to a realized solution with the latest technological advances in the servo industry. Whether 1 axis or 99 we have the solution to get you there.



With a full line of scara, delta, gantry, articulated, and portal robots we can cover any application or need. Let robotics take you and your company into the 21st century.

PacDrive Repairs

Save money by repairing your defunct servo motors, servo controllers, and servo amplifiers. Full reports available to give you the exact reason for failure.

Training Units

Also accompanying our training sessions, the demonstration units can be purchased for continued learning of the ELAU and PacDrive systems. Get comfortable with this hardware and safely service your own machinery.


PacDrive 3
PacDrive M
& More!


40mm Servo Distributor:
Smallest industrial servo on the market
Compatible with Schneider Electric products

Nitek Transparent

Green Drive Tubular Linear Motors
L Series Ironcore Motors
& More

FREE PacDrive Elau Error Codes!

Experiencing problems with your PacDrive M or PacDrive 3 machinery? Download our free error code guide to try and get your machine back up and running in no time! Still experiencing problems? Ask us about our rental units, repairs, or retrofitting your current set up! Contact us at or call us at 401-213-3320

PacDrive 3
PacDrive M

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